Is the aging of your body getting you down? Learn how visiting with a chiropractor can help your body feel younger again.

Chiropractic Care And Your Low Back Pain

18 July 2019
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Whether you are hurt in a game of tennis or you have low back pain because of driving too much, chiropractic care may improve your pain levels. When you work with a chiropractor to address low back pain, you will learn new strategies to stretch, exercise, and keep your low back in proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments help get your back into alignment, while massage and other manual therapies will address tight muscles and ligaments. Read More …

Treating a Herniated Disc With Physical Therapy

22 April 2019
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Your spine is made up of small connected bones, known as vertebrae. In the vertebrae are discs, which have a soft, gel-like center, that is meant to provide cushioning to the small bones that make up the vertebrae. A herniated disc occurs when the discs become broken or displaced. The cause of a herniated disc can occur as a result of wear and tear due to age or an injury to the spine. Read More …

Opting For Chiropractic Treatment After An Auto Accident

22 January 2019
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After an auto accident, you may have lingering injuries that aren't the type that heals in a couple of days. These injuries to muscles and ligaments can affect your daily movement and cause pain indefinitely if you don't undergo some sort of therapy to help soothe the injury and restore health to your body. Chiropractic treatment is effective and can help reduce, if not eliminate, the lingering effects of the injury causing the pain. Read More …

Tips To Help You Recover From A Whiplash Injury From An Auto Accident

3 October 2018
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If you were involved in an automobile accident and sustained a whiplash injury, then it is vital you seek professional medical assistance. In addition, you can follow each of the following tips to assist with your recovery process. Tip: Avoid All Painful Movements to Prevent Further Injuries and Increased Inflammation   While you may need physical therapy or other medical treatment to heal from your injuries, one of the most important things you can personally do following your auto accident is to prevent making the problem worse. Read More …

Diabetic? A Few Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor

5 August 2018
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Diabetes is about much more than your blood sugar. When not properly controlled, high levels of sugar in your blood can damage your blood vessels, harm your kidneys, cause peripheral neuropathy, and result in mobility issues. In addition to watching what you eat and taking your medications, there are other things you can do to help keep your blood sugar under control. Make sure to exercise regularly, quit smoking, get the sleep you need, and visit a chiropractor regularly. Read More …