Physical Therapy For Knees & Ankles

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Physical Therapy For Knees & Ankles

8 March 2022
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If your foot or ankle has been injured, you might consider physical therapy. Physical therapy is a great tool for recovery after an injury or when you are trying to deal with a chronic condition that leaves you with serious pain.

You've got many bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the lower part of your body, and each one can become damaged in a different way. When you lose mobility in your foot or ankle, your entire life can change. Here's what you should know about physical therapy to treat these parts of the body.

Causes of Foot & Ankle Pain

If you are living with foot or ankle pain, you are not alone. A variety of injuries are related to serious pain. Many people consider physical therapy for injuries like fractures, plantar fasciitis, muscle sprains, strains, and tendonitis. Conditions like arthritis can also be treated with therapeutic sessions.

It is important to get to the root of your pain so that the cause is addressed. Physical rehab focuses on treating the root cause of the issue.

Treatment for Foot & Ankle Pain 

This kind of pain can be treated so that you can restore mobility and function to your body. Treatment focuses on pain and inflammation, easing your symptoms first and foremost.

Exercise is also part of physical therapy. Exercising and stretching can activate your muscles and help you build more strength to prevent further injury. You'll improve strength in other parts of your body so that you can build stability and improve function.

Manual therapy can be a great tool for treating foot and ankle pain. Manual therapy uses the hands and sometimes small devices to help your body maintain alignment. Your body will appreciate proper alignment so that you put less weight and pressure on some parts of your body, including your ankles.

Different treatment modalities can also be used to treat foot and ankle pain. For instance, an injury to the foot can be treated with cold laser therapy. If you have inflammation or pain, you will benefit from treatment like cold therapy or hot therapy. Your therapist may recommend dry needling or electronic muscle stimulation as well.

Customized Treatment Plans Can Help you

Physical rehabilitation is customized to meet your specific needs. Your therapist will help you design a plan that focuses on your needs and understands what kinds of injury you are living with. Your plan is always focused on your needs.