4 Types of Work-Related Back Pain Chiropractors Can Treat

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4 Types of Work-Related Back Pain Chiropractors Can Treat

23 August 2021
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Chiropractic care can cover an entire range of back pain causes. While herniated discs may be some of the best-known, a chiropractor can help with a lot of others as well. Here are some of the work-related causes of back pain that your chiropractor can treat.

1. Posture-related back pain

If you're an office worker or if you work from home on a computer, you may have worse posture than you think. Any other type of work that requires you to hold your head forward (such as detail painting work that requires you to look closely at what you're painting) can also cause habitual posture problems.

Holding your head and hands or arms forward for hours at a time can place a heavy strain on your neck and upper back. This can lead to headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and similar problems. Your chiropractor can treat the issue by getting everything back into alignment and helping you retrain yourself into better posture.

2. Overuse injury back pain

If you work on a construction site, in a warehouse, or some other more physical job, you're at a high risk of having back problems due to lifting, bending, carrying large objects, and similar tasks. The pain can build up over time from tired and overused back muscles can occur all at once, such as when your back suffers a pulled muscle.

3. Repetitive motion back pain

Even if you have good posture, a job where you have to perform the same motions over and over again (such as computer work or assembly-line work) can cause repetitive motion injuries. While many of these types of injuries cause pain in the wrist, arm, and shoulder, some can also cause pain in the neck and back.

For example, thoracic outlet syndrome can cause pain in the neck and back area, as well as shoulder and arm pain. This condition is caused by a pinched nerve at the thoracic outlet.

4. Sports injury back pain

If you're a sports professional, you know that your high-energy job puts you at risk of sprains, torn tendons, and other injuries. Common back problems that arise from sports injuries include stress fractures, pulled muscles, and more. A chiropractor can often help relieve pain from strained muscles and can work in cooperation with your doctor to help you recover from a sports injury.

These are just some of the work-related back pain problems that a chiropractor can treat. Get in touch with a chiropractor near you today to discuss your first treatment.