Answering Your Basic Massage Therapy Questions

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Answering Your Basic Massage Therapy Questions

19 May 2020
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Individuals will often greatly underestimate the benefits that can be enjoyed by undergoing massage therapy. However, learning more about the basics of massage therapy will often be necessary if you have never undergone these treatments before as you may not have the experience needed to appreciate this option.

What Types Of Benefits Can Be Provided By Massage Therapy?

Individuals will often assume that massage therapy is only to help individuals feel more relaxed. While this is one of the more common reasons for receiving a massage, patients with a range of conditions can benefit from massage therapy. For example, individuals that experience chronic headaches may find that a massage can loosen the muscles in the neck and shoulders so that they may experience severe headaches less frequently. Additionally, individuals that are suffering from muscle injuries or joint problems may find that massage therapy can greatly improve their range of movement while reducing the severity of their symptoms.

Do You Have To Completely Undress For The Message Therapy?

A person may be concerned about receiving massage therapy due to the assumption that they will need to completely undress. However, this is not a requirement as patients will be able to remain fully clothed throughout this session. In order to allow the massage therapist to effectively treat you, it can be beneficial to wear loose-fitting clothing so that you can avoid having your range of movement limited by your clothing. For those that are receiving these treatments to improve range of movement, wearing restrictive clothing can make it much harder for the massage therapist to determine your progress. Most massage therapy facilities will have a changing room, which can make it convenient to change out of work clothes and into garments better suited for this therapy.

Will You Be Sore After Your Message Therapy Sessions?

Some patients may assume that massage therapy will be similar in intensity to physical therapy, and this can cause them to assume that they will be sore after receiving massage therapy. However, this is usually not the case as most individuals receiving massage therapy will find that they feel extremely relaxed and loose after receiving these treatments. Some individuals may experience a little tenderness after their first couple of sessions, but this will pass fairly quickly. During the massage, if you start to become sore or experience other discomforts, you should let the massage therapist know so that they will be able to determine if they need to adjust their technique or treatment approach.