Chiropractic Care And Your Low Back Pain

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Chiropractic Care And Your Low Back Pain

18 July 2019
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Whether you are hurt in a game of tennis or you have low back pain because of driving too much, chiropractic care may improve your pain levels. When you work with a chiropractor to address low back pain, you will learn new strategies to stretch, exercise, and keep your low back in proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments help get your back into alignment, while massage and other manual therapies will address tight muscles and ligaments. It's a natural way to help your body heal from an injury and will give you the pain relief you are looking for without the use of pain medication. When you in pain and you aren't sure what to do, a visit to a chiropractor is a great step.

Assessing Your Low Back Pain

Your chiropractor will take a careful look at your spine to determine the source of your pain. If necessary, imaging will be done to further investigate what is going on. Your chiropractor will take a medical history to learn all they can about the potential cause of your pain. Once the source of pain is identified, your chiropractor develops a treatment plan to help you recover from the pain you are in.

Chiropractic Treatment and Your Low Back

Treatment will depend on the cause of your low back pain and what will help reduce the pain. Your chiropractor may use adjustments to get your spine in alignment, use massage to reduce strain on muscles, ultrasound to improve circulation and hot or cold packs to provide comfort. Traction is sometimes used to increase the disc space when you have a disc that is being pressed too hard. You may find relief as early as your first appointment and will continue to feel better as treatment progresses.

Chiropractic Care Visits

You may want to see a chiropractor several times a week in the early stages of your recovery. This helps the immediate problems going on and will help you build up your strength over time. As you feel less pain in between appointments, you can begin to see the chiropractor less frequently. Eventually, you will move down to single weekly appointments and single monthly appointments.

Your low back pain can be relieved with the help of a chiropractor. With a careful assessment of your condition, a chiropractor will address your pain and help you live your life in the way that you did prior to your injury.