What You Should Know About Whiplash

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What You Should Know About Whiplash

22 June 2016
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Are you barely able to move your neck because it is so stiff due to a recent rear-end collision? A stiff neck after a rear-end collision is one of the common symptoms that is associated with a medical condition called whiplash. Basically, a rear-end collision can cause damage by forcing the neck to suddenly move in an unnatural way. In this article, a few of the questions that you may have concerning whiplash and getting treated will be answered.

What Kind of Symptoms Can Whiplash Cause?

A minor symptom that is caused from whiplash is an occasional bad headache. You might also experience muscles spasms in the front or back of your neck. Whiplash can cause pain in your neck, shoulders and arms as well. You might also have a hard time chewing food from your jawbones becoming tight. Blurred vision, dizziness and ringing in the ears are some of the other symptoms that are associated with whiplash.

How Does a Specialist Diagnose Whiplash?

In order to diagnose whiplash, a specialist will need to examine your neck, back, shoulders and arms. He or she will feel around on certain areas and ask you if it causes any pain. The specialist will thoroughly examine your cervical spine for signs of muscle and joint damage. You will also be asked about the symptoms that you are having. It is possible that you will be x-rayed to determine how severe the condition is.

Does Whiplash Require Surgery?

It is not likely that you will have to undergo surgery for whiplash. If surgery becomes necessary, it will only be if minor forms of treatment are unsuccessful. Common treatment for whiplash is a few sessions with a chiropractor. Surgery might be necessary for more serious injuries than simply having whiplash, like a herniated disc.

What Type of Treatment is Necessary?

A chiropractor can treat whiplash by getting rid of the inflammation in your neck to the extent that he or she can work on it without you experiencing too much pain. For instance, you will likely have to wear a cervical collar to keep your neck as still as possible for a few days. After inflammation is reduced, the chiropractor can massage your neck, arms and shoulders to make blood circulate better. He or she will also be able to get rid of muscle spasms by performing a deep massage, but the extent of treatment will depend on your specific symptoms. If you have experienced whiplash, make an appointment to get treatment from a chiropractor at a company like TLC Chiropractic as soon as you are able to.