Use These Strategies To Reduce Your Back Pain While Pregnant

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Use These Strategies To Reduce Your Back Pain While Pregnant

6 June 2016
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Many women who are expecting a child will experience anything from mild to severe back pain, given the physiological changes happening in their bodies that put strain on the spine. If your back pain is affecting your daily life, you should consider visiting the chiropractor. Many chiropractors are specifically trained in treating women who are pregnant, meaning that this health professional can provide some gentle adjustments that can help to get your spine back into alignment and reduce your pain. Chiropractors will also discuss a variety of simple lifestyle changes that you can make to alleviate your discomfort, including these tips that you can employ even before the day of your adjustment.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping comfortably while you're pregnant can be a challenge at the best of times, but can prove even more difficult when you're experiencing back pain. Lying on your back, in particular, can often be uncomfortable. However, it's possible to alleviate some of your discomfort by rolling onto your side. Make sure that you use body cushions and pillows to support yourself to promote comfort. The right pillow between your knees or thighs will help keep your back straight, preventing further pain, while a body cushion under your baby bump will help keep you from rolling forward.

Find The Right Exercises

Keeping active during pregnancy is something that many physicians advise, and the good news is that exercise can often help to lower the degree of your back pain. Walking can be ideal; it promotes a healthy, upright posture that can take pressure off your back. Many pregnant women also turn to swimming, as the buoyant quality of the water means there's no impact to the back and it's possible to get the heart pumping in a relatively pain-free way. Prenatal yoga is another valuable area to pursue. Check your local yoga studio's class listings for this form of yoga designed for moms-to-be.

Wear The Right Shoes

It's understandable that you want to look your best while pregnant, but that cute maternity sundress probably shouldn't be worn with high-heeled shoes or wedges. Such shoes are notorious for straining the back among women who aren't pregnant, but when your back is already uncomfortable due to your pregnancy, the shoes are likely making your pain considerably worse. It's best to opt for comfortable shoes — flats, running shoes, or any type of shoes that offer support and are low to the ground are best.

For more tips on reducing your back pain during pregnancy, see Angie Wilson or other chiropractors in your area.